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Your Not Fat, Just Big Boned. Essays - Obesity, Discrimination

Your Not Fat, Just Big Boned. Your Not Fat, Just Big Boned. Numerous individuals have heard the terms your not fat, simply large boned, well nurished, or maybe imposing. All things considered, as sombody of my age may state WHATEVER. Face it America were fat. I am discussing fat, the extra tire syndrom, or anyway you might want express it, however were as yet fat. We are on the whole searching for a decent get slight quike sceam, you realize the one that takes no effert, and conceivable pleasant. At that point, again I'm hesitant to disapoint you, there isn't, nor will there ever be, yet maybe it's more straightforward than most figure it out. We Americans are fat for a few distinct reasons and they have pretty much nothing or nothing to do with our weight control plans or what we eat. Our obeasity starts when were youthful. You may have had guardians like mine, the guardians who said your not pardoned untill you eat everything on you plate, or maybe they commited a twofold phopa and said no desert untill your plate is cleared. What ever the case might be, a considerable lot of us are fat as a result of it. These expressions become latched onto our subconscious minds, and from that point on each time we take a seat at the table climate it be a great deal or a little we will uncontiously eat it untill our plate is spotless, or we are truly full. A straightforward answer for a basic issue, and goes like, this put less on your plate. A couple of approaches to atempt this are spread out your food on your plate, include hardly any veggies and enhancements cause it to have all the earmarks of being more than what it realy is. Another is drink an enormous glass of water before you start to eat, and maybe simply eat more slow. The entire thought behind this idea is to trick the brain. Our psyche discloses to us when we're ravenous not on the grounds that our stomach is unfilled, but since it needs something or it figures it does, and the vast majority of the time being the later. The brain resembles any machine in being that we can program and train it for any funtion, all pending knowing how. So in this first strategy we are basic reinvent it. As we develop more seasoned different facters start to play a roll, and the greatest is our public activity. Our brain can not consider eating so easly on the off chance that we have it on something different. In the high schooler years is the point at which this turns out to be generally clear. On the off chance that you review, the understudies that were associated with most of funtions were not the fat youngsters. The fat kids were not included close to so a lot, sure they were presumably shy, and no uncertainty there were different elements included, yet it is all psychological somehow, and again it's all amatter of programing. Later on throughout everyday life, we become contiously mindful of our over weight issues, and this is incredible, however this is were the most concerning issue starts. Not exclusively does this issue influence our weight yet our life expectancy, and our life by and large. The issue passes by the notable name of pressure. I request that you take a gander at what number of live a ways into their 80's. at that point inquire as to whether any of them weried about practicing good eating habits. Not that eating well is awful as you may already know. The issue lies with the pressure of practicing good eating habits. At the point when most tear open that choclate bar they start to appreciate a joy of life, however they'er before long reasoning thatb they will think twice about it, since some place a long the line we started to assotiate pleasuer with the possibility of gread, or that for reasons unknown we don't merit this joy, yet I deviate. The genuine tie among pressure and food are the cemical responses the reason in our psyches. Choclate creases to be the devals reward for ladies. Ladies have such an issue with choclate, in light of the fact that it discharges a similar synthetic in the mind that comes when they become hopelessly enamored, and they basicly begin to look all starry eyed at chochlate. men will in general have a similar impact with read meat. Food isn't the issue at everything except in certainty the response it has on our feelings. In any circumstance everything bubbles

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Fine Tuning Management Education- the Need of the Hour Essay

Getting instruction is a significant piece of accomplishment in today’s business world. It’s serious out there, and the more taught you are, the better your odds of finding a great job are. That’s why getting a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is so significant. Starting at now there are more than 2,400 B-Schools in India, Karnataka has around 67, of which 46 universities in Bangalore offer MBA programs. The MBA degree opens up universes of chance for its bearers. Numerous business positions require a MBA for progression. Having a MBA degree resembles having the way in to the doors of chances in the corporate world. Like a green sign for the new business world. Hey tech advancement, upgrades, and the developing privatization all have totally changed the business grounds. Alongside this, the marketable strategies and teaching method are likewise continually changing quick. Additionally, in each stage the opposition is getting increasingly troublesome. As the business is changing and the degree of rivalry is additionally expanding the organizations are compelled to enlist workers having done their MBA from the most serious school. A MBA Program will give and show all the things that are fundamental to make you a decent administrator and abilities that are imperative to enlarge the proficiency and efficiency of the association. No organization might want to burn through their opportunity to prepare individuals with the necessary aptitudes and information when they realize that such competitors are accessible as MBA graduates. Today all associations expect that their representatives can give more benefit to the organization in a shorter range of time. A MBA understudy is relied upon to have certain degree of competency which makes them not quite the same as others. The course opens the understudy to the viable field helping them to perform successfully over the long haul. Notwithstanding, it is seen that the administration instruction is missing the mark concerning this target. So as to keep the MBA significant, the universities offering them should make the educational plan increasingly receptive to the worldwide economy. The exploration paper centers around the impression of MBA graduates and their desires towards the administration training. Watchwords: Management educational program, Higher instruction, Management exercises. Presentation The advancement of the board instruction can be followed back to eighteenth century. From eighteenth century to 21st century, the executives training has seen part of changes and advancement. The board instruction in India is predominately a subordinate of western administration thought and practice. The executives training in India isn't old, after the foundation of the IITs, there was critical requirement for comparative foundations in the field of the board instruction. Along these lines appeared Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad (IIMA), followed not long after by one in Kolkata (IIMC). Beginning with the foundation of 4 Indian Institutes of Management Calcutta (1961), Ahmadabad (1962), Bangalore (1973), Lucknow (1984), presently the board instruction is being offered as full time/low maintenance MBA programs by some driving colleges in the nation. As of late and especially during the last 4-5 years the nation has seen an enormous development in the establishing of the executives organizations the vast majority of them in private part offering administration programs in various utilitarian territories of the executives. Simultaneously, there is a mushrooming of B-schools in the nation (more than 2,500 organizations, of which around 1940 are affirmed by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)), prompting issues of value. In Bangalore alone there are upwards of 300 MBA schools. The board training acquaints understudies with a more extensive point of view about the job of people in development of business and society, which is very obvious. The executives instruction furnishes understudies and working experts with an edge that empowers them to fortify the Connection among business and society. The Importance of Management Studies for a Successful Corporate Career Management examines are a significant medium that encourages improvement of administration characteristics and turns out amazing future chiefs. The board courses with specialization in various zones get ready understudies to confront the continually progressing corporate world and grant compelling human administration aptitudes. The board studies should accentuation in making great directors as well as on improving and upgrading existing aptitudes while giving administrative ability to understudies. Youthful hopeful chiefs outfitted with a rumored administration degree end up being survivors who can support themselves in a situation of extreme rivalry, globalization and ever-advancing innovations. Truth be told, delivering amazing directors is the greatest test that organizations overall face today. A certify MBA degree from an esteemed business college guarantees the administrative aptitudes mastered over the span of the investigation. An all around structured administration instructional class reasonably builds up a skilled workforce that can be relied upon to be effective future pioneers and fruitful administrators who can handle complex circumstances and associations with customers in any association. Audit of Literature A. Gill (2003) underscored because of globalization and progression in data innovation the pretended by the executives instruction in upgrading nation information base has been set under a more keen concentrate accordingly it has gotten basic to take a gander at the executives training from the market arranged point of view and take a key view to more readily adjust business instruction to the necessity of the worldwide market. Basu Sharma et al(1996) called attention to that internationalization of the board has been advanced along a few measurements, for example, educational plans challenge, inquire about exercises with the two substance and outlet being applicable and official improvement programs. It appears that instructive organizations and strengthening suppliers of the executives training must choose the option to adapt to the situation of worldwide rivalry. L.R.Irala (2006) was of view that  © Research Journal of International Studies †Issue 18 (January, 2011) 17 administration training in India is at go across streets with the beginning of new thousand years there has been outstanding development in the board foundations, to update their capabilities the budgetary self-governance will be the key and scholarly self-sufficiency the significant drivers. Margaret McNamara and et al.(1990) worried on activity learning in the executives instruction as Management establishments are regularly scrutinized for concentrating more on hypothesis and on quantitative investigation while disregarding relational relationship and quantitative finding. It is regularly expressed that administration instruction ought to be experience-based, dynamic, issue situated and altered by criticism and activity learning fills the need. Explanation of the Problem The best serious test confronting organizations is supposed to grasp change in the course of the most recent two decades because of a few components. This remembers fast changes for advertise elements, globalization and so forth. The executives instruction should set up the contender for overseeing or driving a critical movement in the association. In any case, it is seen that the administration training is missing the mark concerning this target. It requires a reassessment of customary administrative ideas and practices. Subsequently the examination paper centers around the observation and desires for the executives graduates towards the administration instruction in Bangalore City. Destinations of the investigation 1.To examination the impression of the board graduates towards the executives training. 2.To realize the fulfillment level of the alumni towards the current educational plan. 3.To comprehend the desires so as to improve the MBA program. Research Design a)Type of Research: The examination is Descriptive and Empirical in nature. b)Sources of Data Collection:  Primary Data has been gathered from the respondents who are MBA graduates, and are expertly utilized in the different organizations and foundations. An explicitly organized poll is utilized with the end goal of study. The inquiries structured in the poll expects to investigate: a.The profile of respondents as far as age, sexual orientation, conjugal status, length of administration and assignment. b.15 Variables are utilized for estimating the impression of MBA graduates towards the executives training and improvement of program educational plan. c.Secondary wellsprings of information were additionally counseled to accumulate back ground data supporting the examination. Information were gotten from general administration training diaries, Magazines and sites. c)Type of Sampling: Simple Random Sampling strategy is utilized for the examination. d)Sample Size: The essential information is gathered from the 100 respondents of Bangalore city e)Statistical apparatuses for Analysis: The Percentage technique is utilized for examining the examination. Extent of the examination The examination is done to gauge the view of the executives graduates towards progress in the board training of different B-schools, however with the admonition that the educational plan of most projects ought to be changed to address the difficulties that face the up and coming age of business pioneers. Also the exploration is limited to Bangalore City.

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Sample Value and Leadership in Healthcare

Sample Value and Leadership in Healthcare Value and Leadership in Healthcare Dec 20, 2018 in Healthcare Introduction The health care system is a particular service that provides not goods proposal, but implementation of methods and treatment process individually at each clinical situation. The organization of health care involves the formation of hierarchical subordination and related systems and interaction. The concept of the system lies in a constant state of partial reform depending on the development of related industries - pharmaceutical, medical equipment, medical education (Bronshteyn, 2012). Thus, the purpose of this study is to show the significant role of value and leadership in a system of healthcare organizations. The Meaning of Value in Healthcare Patients Value of Healthcare The values of the health care system are focused on the health of the patient. However, the system operation requires consideration of a number of segmental and related processes - from direct treatment process to the management staff of hospitals. Therefore, the value of the system is a prevailing algorithm for providing services focused on human health determined by the efficiency of the system (Gray, 2003). It means that the quality of drugs and experienced doctor is not an indicator of an efficient health care system. The effectiveness of the system is defined by the interaction of its components. If the patient is sure that the ambulance comes for a certain short period of time, the hospital formed by a comfortable environment and accommodation and treatment process is provided by leading experts, and the rehabilitation period is under the supervision of qualified - only then we can determine the value of healthcare for the patient as the main subject of its operation.

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Battle of the Sexes in D.H Lawrences Short Story,...

Battle of the Sexes in D.H Lawrences Short Story, Tickets Please Juvenal probably had D.H Lawrences short story Tickets Please in mind when he said, Revenge is sweeter than life itself, because revenge is exactly what Lawrence focuses on in this story (Quoteland). Lawrence writes about how a few women, after having gone through a similar experience, get together and avenge a common enemy, John Thomas Rayner and have fun doing that, because beating Rayner is their sport. By doing so, Lawrence makes it a game betweenn John Rayner, the man, and the opposite sex, comprised of the women. In fact after a certain point the story ceases to be a game between John Rayner and the women, but rather becomes, according to Paul A.†¦show more content†¦The women in the story abide by Rayners game willingly even after knowing his personality. The fact that most girls are quite comely only adds to Rayners pleasure and makes it easy for him to play with them (Lawrence, 36). The women play their part of the game by quitting their job after their short relati onship with Rayner ends. This makes it easier for Rayner to start all over when a new girl starts working there. Up till now it is merely a game, where Rayner flirts with the women and the women cave in. After a point, Lawrence decides to tilt the game towards the fairer sex, the women. He does this by introducing Annie Stone, a woman whose name reflects her personality. She is courageous and ready to stand up for herself. As he had done with all the women that worked at the station, Rayner charms Annie into loving him and Annie played his game and quickly falls in love with him. This continues until Annie sees Rayner with some other women and decides that it is time that Rayner got a taste of his own medicine. Annie decides that she had had enough of Rayners games and got all of Rayners victims together and makes up a plan to get revenge on from Rayner. By doing so, Annie feels that she is in complete control of the game and she thought had achieved revenge and hence victory. The truth is that the game was far

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Why Should Minimum Wage be Raised or Why Not - 546 Words

Raising minimum wages is a contestable issue because it is debated in wide and varied audiences. Minimum wage is near the top of economists’ interest; they are looking for the connection between low wages and poor job markets. Each country sets its own laws and regulations regarding wages. For this reason, it has significant importance to policy makers and workers in each of those respective countries. Social activists have also found interest in the topic due to the fact that those who earn a minimum wage tend to come from poor minority families. Furthermore, the average American should have the strongest interest in the conversation because most citizens have been paid a minimum wage at some point in their life. Due to this fact, the idea of a significant federal minimum wage increase in America is open for debate specifically to rejuvenate the job industry, improve living conditions for citizens, and strengthen the economy as a whole. Minimum wage is currently the standard for the lowest wage a worker can earn that is acceptable within the American society. The earliest debates began in 1938 when President Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act that promoted â€Å"a minimum standard of living necessary for health, efficiency, and general well-being, without substantially curtailing employment† (â€Å"The Renewed Debate†); it was embraced by workers but opposed by upper level businessmen claiming it would hurt the economy. The debates have continued through the years with aShow MoreRelatedWhy The Minimum Wage Should Be Raised?1410 Words   |  6 PagesAmerica raised the minimum wage to $7.25. However, six years later the minimum wage rage remains the same. It is time once again for the federal government to raise the minimum wage to spur the economy. Raising the minimum wage would help the American economy and the daily life of the citizens for a variety of reasons. The first topic is that it not only would help the people but i t also would help the economy as a whole. The second topic is that companies are already raising the minimum wage becauseRead MoreWhy the Minimum Wage Should Be Raised1379 Words   |  5 Pageseight dollars an hour? Well, many minimum wage jobs involve such duties as these. However, the minimum wage here in Illinois is only $8.25 per hour (US Dept. of Labor, 2014). In Indiana, the state where I work, it is a dollar less than that (US Dept. of Labor, 2014). The following information will discuss reasons why this wage should be increased and the benefits that accompany an increase for all of us regardless to whether we earn the minimum wage or a higher a wage. According to the National EmploymentRead MoreMinimum Wage Should Be Raised1395 Words   |  6 PagesIn today’s society, minimum wage is an issue. It’s whether or not it should be raised or lowered. This interests almost everyone due to the fact that everyone wants to make money and the amount should reflect the work and skills that are put in. The minimum wage is a major antijobs policy. First things first, the minimum wage buys a lot less than it used to. Only Congress can adjust the federal minimum wage, and it doesn’t necessarily increase with inflation. As a result, its buying power has diminishedRead MoreShould Minimum Wage Be Raised?1062 Words   |  5 Pagesever pressing question regarding Minimum wage. Not many subjects can ignite a controversy as quickly as that of whether or not minimum wage should be raised, or by how much should it be raised or if it should remain the same. What is minimum wage? By definition, minimum wage is the minimum hourly wage an employer can pay an employee for work. (â€Å"†) America’s minimum wage was first introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938. That minimum wage was introduced as part of the FairRead MoreMinimum Wage Persuasive Essay1106 Words   |  5 Pagesmore than the federal minimum wage? If you said yes then perhaps you are unaware of the many negative effects surrounding a higher minimum wage and after reading this you will be educated on why the minimum wage should not be raised. In the beginning, the minimum wage was created with good intentions. It was originally established in 1938 and was $.25 an hour (Sessions). It was created to make sure that businesses would not take advantage over workers. While the minimum wage was and still is a goodRead MoreBenefits of Raising the Minimum Wage Essay614 Words   |  3 Pageswho works year-round is less than $16,000 (about $15, 080) according to the current federal minimum wage (Rebuilding). To put into retrospect how out-dated the federal minimum wage is, consider that the mi nimum wage of 1956 amounted to exactly $7.93 in 2009 (Henderson). How progressive is it that our nation’s workers being paid less today than workers from the 50’s? The federal minimum wage should be raised in order to assist families out of poverty, to ensure the effort and loyalty of workers, andRead MoreMinimum Wage Should Be Raised935 Words   |  4 PagesMinimum wage is an ongoing debate in the United States. There are some people who think that it should be raised to a higher rate and others who think that it should not. There are many different pros and cons with raising minimum wage. Minimum wage is at a balanced rate that should not be raised due to lack of skill, low education, and economic problems. Jobs that require minimum wage are created for young adults who are in college or high school. They are to help one get one on their feet so thatRead MoreMinimum Wages During 21st Century America1649 Words   |  7 PagesMinimum Wages in 21st Century America In the United States the time has come for the next president to be elected and the political fervor has come early this year with an unconventional, surprisingly interesting primary race. With the coming of a new commander in chief the incessant grilling of the candidates has begun and issues, such as poverty in the United States, are being given the national spot light during debates. The issue of poverty has recently gained traction among citizens as wellRead MoreMinimum Wage And The Wage Essay1728 Words   |  7 PagesRoyer Political Science 120 7 November 2016 Increase Minimum Wage Introduction The United States’ minimum wage has been a concerning issue amongst the low wage earners because of the amount they earn is not enough for them to live on their own. Therefore causing the citizens who earn minimum wage to have an impossible time finding a place to stay and expenses for daily survival. Increasing the minimum wage will solve the issues that the minimum wage earners make, thus increasing the chances of survivalRead MoreThe Consequences Of Raising Minimum Wage1354 Words   |  6 Pagesof Raising Minimum Wage Many minimum wage workers are pushing for an increase in the lowest amount that they can legally get compensated per each hour worked. When it comes to raising the minimum wage, people do not take in consideration all the things that could happen as a result of it being increased. Raising the minimum wage could have a disastrous effect on businesses that have a large amount of unskilled workers. These businesses would have to increase not only their minimum wage workers but

Argumentative Essay Against the Computer Society Free Essays

It is hard to imagine a life without the internet and the computer. Most people in our modern western society use the computer every day in work, school and as a means of recreation. The computer has Change our every day lives drasticly. We will write a custom essay sample on Argumentative Essay Against the Computer Society or any similar topic only for you Order Now We now exchange information faster than ever before and anything we want to know is out there for us to fetch with only a click. But is the computer and the internet really to our advantage? I think not. I think that there are more disadvantages with the computer than most people might see. I think that the world would be a much better place without computers. We have never had so little human interaction as before. Yes, the internet is good for keeping in contact with friends and relatives, but we have to ask ourselves what happened to personal interaction. It is said that between 60 and 70 percent of what we interpret when we are talking to someone is through their body language. We learn very little about each other from the sterile type of talking in front of our computer screens. Humans are social beings and we need to be around people a lot more than what we are when we only spend our time together in cyber space. Being on Facebook and other community-pages will also make us think that we know people by seeing their pictures and reading their status updates. When we meet them we have a set interpretation of the person even though we might not have met them in years. We think that we know all about a person when we only know what they want us to know. This means that people never really get to know each other from experiences they have shared. We have never been this stressed ever. Before the age of computers, we could stop worrying about work as soon as we got home in the afternoon. Nowadays, as soon as we come home and have a chance to relax, we check our email accounts and maybe finish up some things we didn’t have time for at the office. The internet is also very distracting, which can be an obstruction in work, causing stress when the work piles up. We are never disconnected from work or school, we know that there is always a way for work to hunt us down and we know that not checking our email for letters from our boss or another co-worker is frowned upon or seen as irresponsible. Stress is a great reason to why people have heart diseases, digestive problems, are depressed and have trouble sleeping like never before. Alcohol is no longer the only drug being used as a means of relaxation. Marijuana and other drugs are also becoming more tolerated and common within society. I believe that the level of stress that we are exposed to every day is a trigger for drug and alcohol abuse. Stress isn’t the only reason why always being connected to the internet is unhealthy and dangerous. Our body is made for physical work. We are supposed to be using our bodies for hunting and other sorts of physical work. We are supposed to be able to run from larger predators and go up a hill without breathing heavily. But most people these days wouldn’t be able to manage this. We spend our whole day sitting in front a computer and when we’re not, we sit by the dinner table, in class or in front of the television. Our bodies aren’t working as they should, on top of this; we eat a lot of greasy, processed food. There is no coincidence that obesity is now an epidemic disease in the western world. Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980. In 2008 1,5 billion people were overweight and 65% of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight. Obesity can trigger heart diseases, cancer, strokes and many other illnesses. The absolute freedom of press on the internet is seen by something good and something that helps democracy that we should encourage. But when there are no rules or regulations about what people may write on the internet, and who is to view what is said on forums, blogs etc. things that are demoralizing and directly damaging will be said. Most children nowadays have access to pornographic material, gambling sites, pro-anorexia forums, pedophiles and harmful propaganda of all sorts. And there is no way for parents to know what their children are up to once they have clicked the ‘delete’ button in the history archive of the computer. And it’s not only the children who are at risk when using the internet. We now move almost all of our banking and communicating to the internet which means that if we aren’t careful, someone might be reading our emails, or hacking our bank accounts. The reason why we should re-evaluate all this time spending on the internet and by the computer is first of all because we have to socialize more face-to-face with the people we love and cherish. Secondly because it is very stressful to always be accessible through the internet. The third reason is because moving is a vital part of the human health and obesity is a growing epidemic and finally because we are always exposed to a risk when going online. How to cite Argumentative Essay Against the Computer Society, Essays

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Practical Book Review of Petersen Text Essay Example

Practical Book Review of Petersen Text Paper Petersen (2007) then illustrates in his book what he envisions to be the stomach (emotions), heart (objectives and interpretations), and the head (which is where we draw our logical conclusions), to resemble. Flat brain occurs when ones stomach is filled to capacity with uncomfortable emotions and feelings (Petersen, 2007). This in return then upwardly impacts the heart, resulting in squashing the brain; therefore causing it to go flat. He then reminds the reader that one has a choice to become defensive, and be overtaken by this phenomenon, or to collaborate with those who are involved, to bring about a positive outcome. In part ;o, the talker listening process, is how Petersen (2007) describes he method of relieving the symptoms of flat brain; this process involves taking turns talking and listening (p. 49). Petersen (2007) also discusses stomach talk, meaning that one is only allowed to share his or her own insecurities, rather than blaming others (p. 78). He warns his readers that sharing and thinking is risky business, however, worth it in exchange for a more cherished relationship (p. 82). Petersen (2007) then uses the recipe of two parts personal and one part logical, to balance the scales of communication (p. 85). In part three Petersen (2007), introduces overall listening techniques to further ones communication, including the six communication pitfalls (p. 1 16-121 These pitfalls are an attempt to Set in control of the conversation, as well as a clever form of manipulation on TTY part of the speaker (Petersen, 2007). We will write a custom essay sample on Practical Book Review of Petersen Text specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Practical Book Review of Petersen Text specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Practical Book Review of Petersen Text specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer He then goes on to explain the two levels of communication; the first being more superficial, and the second, emerging into a deeper level of how one is truly feeling emotionally. Petersen (2007) ends this portion of the book reminding one to be careful o hidden agendas, and taking on more serious cases such as, someone suggesting us iced. In the last sections four and five, Peters (2007) takes on the challenge of BRI inning it all together with examples of the listening game. This is where families learn to interact in a safe family environment. This is especial helpful for children, while reinforcing the taking turns skills they have already learned growing up. Peterson (2007) then reintroduces the TTL card to the group setting; which allows everyone a chance to be heard, respected, and better express themselves. As Petersen (2007) wraps up the book, he suggests that the TTL card can be useful with monitoring couples, as well as sharing, negotiating, and closing (p. 203). Lastly, he leaves us with his philosophy, which is to leave people and place ± in better a better condition than when I found them (p. 209). Respond When I began reading Peterson (2007) I was amazed at hi candidness, his story drew me in immediately. Because I am a published author myself, understand how difficult transparency can be. Petersen (2007) provokes one to deal with the selfish nature within, in addition to need to win attitude (p. 7). This portion of the book spoke volumes to me. I grew up in a time where winning was everything at home, school and church. However, I always seem to be the one who lost. I cowered beneath the hand of my older sister, strict father, and hierarchy of the church. When I became a young woman, I vowed never to be mistreated by anyone. Quickly learned to fight back, and believed I had become a winner. During this time in my life I had achieved great success in the natural world; however, I had become very confrontational to my husband and demanding with my chi lilied. Petersen (2007) talks about the six communication traps, and as guilty on all charges (p. 1 16-122). I was constantly dragging my kids and husband into the courtroom, so that I could prove my case like Perry Mason (p. 116). Often times I won, however, I was destroying my marriage and distancing our children. I did not know how to control my emotions when I was challenged with issues. Petersen (2007) refers to this problem as flat brained (p. 10). Eventually, my marriage ended, and I paid a very costly price for not knowing how to listen better. Years later, I am remarried, and have put into practice the TTL card without my husband even knowing it. Have also learned that defending is attacking, (p. 1 08) and enjoy using the double- reverse-twist to ward off feelings of defensiveness (Petersen, 2007, p. 43). Reflect Because we are reading three different listening skills books within a small time frame it becomes difficult to separate the three. It is the useful names used in the techniques is what creates a difference in each book. Petersen (2007) stands out because of his illustration of the flat brain. We have all experienced it; however describing how it occurs from the first onset is what make one conscious that an attack is on its way. He takes that which is spiritual, which is the spirit of offense, and makes it practical, so that everyone can understand what is really taking place in the mind. One observation that represented an ah ha moment was when Peterson (2007) talked about observing pays dividends (p. 58). He discusses what happens when one is fully aware of his/her behavior, and is able to adjust it to accommodate the other person, as in the case of Mary and her mother (p. 58-60). This practical teaching lines up with the book of Romans chapter twelve. If I were to narrow it down to one verse, it would be, Be kindly affectionate one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another Romans 12:10 (KAVA). This is very useful to me when dealing with the majority of friends who call me to talk. I have given over to having a mutual friendship, and have resolved that would always play the role of the listener. This technique helps to remind me of what I should be doing spiritually nonetheless; it also helps me not to become resentful concerning the call that God has mandated over my life. It is sometimes difficult to accept that we are always playing a role. Though it is true that we grow stronger in character, and in love, during these perpetual times of pressure. Act The TTL is one of the valuable instruments that I will add to my tool box of listening (Petersen, 2007). On the personal side, I have two daughters, of whom I am very close to. I have now learned to slow down and listen. I can now listen without owning their problems! I believe that was my biggest challenge with the both of them; that little card has set me free! I now understand am not there to solve their problems, however, to only be a nonjudgmental sounding board. also understand that there will be occasions when I Will be tempted to fall for the l feel that trap. Moreover, I will resist the urge to disagree, agree, or force my advice on my young adult daughters. I now realize that they only need me to be a good mother, role model, and listener (Petersen, 2007, p. 78). Also have three sisters whom I enjoy spending girl talk time with. We all jump in whenever someone pauses to take a breath. It will be exciting to introduce the TTL card ATA casual dinner (Petersen, 2007). Petersen (2007) has also given me new tools to use in my ministry. God has taken me through a transformation since my life changing divorce in 2002. Obviously, listening was my greatest challenge. Learning to listen to God was paramount in my life, and that is where God did his greatest work. Peterson (2007) digs in deep when he begins to cause one to examine themselves in what he/she is doing to others. The Guiding difficult group discussions was a very eye-opening tool for me (Petersen, 2007, p. 190). He talks about not fully hearing others out before we are on the attack, as well as not being able to hear correctly, and repeat back what was ally being said. This is what happens during bible study discussions and womens groups. UT these techniques into practice because I truly want to see women healed, and become healers themselves. Listening is also important in evangelism ministry. We are always quick to throw our religious beliefs on someone who has not heard the good news of Jesus Christ. We must listen and find out why they feel a certain way (Petersen, 2007) before we attack them, and drag them kicking and screaming into the body of Christ. My husband and I are both in ministry and have spent nettles hours arguing with Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims, and unbelievers.